• emergency calls:

  • fire service:

At CNG Station

  • Switch-off the mobiles while entering CNG station
  • Ensure validity of CNG Cylinder while refueling CNG
  • Keep watching the customers and passengers not to use their mobile near Dispenser area
  • Request passengers to stay away from the Dispenser area
  • Keep customers away from the high-pressure area
  • Ensure no start of vehicles during gas leakage due to failure of ‘O’ ring
  • Ensure entry of authorized persons within the restricted entry area
  • Use proper PPE while moving around the Compressor/High Pressure Area
  • Keep away from the hot-surfaces while inspecting the compressor and DG
  • Keep away from the live parts of electrical installations
  • Ensure placement of Fire Extinguishers at safe distance and easily accessible place in case of emergency
  • In case of any emergency condition, follow the Emergency Response Plan

  • Don’t lit match box or smoke at CNG station
  • Don’t refuel vehicles with passengers on board
  • Don’t open doors of running compressor/DG

During Servicing or repair of CNG Vehicles

  • In case of leakage in fuel system, vehicles shall not be parked within 6 m of any source of ignition or fire.
  • In case of vehicles undergoing repairs involving welding, or heat application to any part (within 1.5 m) of the cylinder, the cylinder should be emptied first.
  • Always refer to the supplier’s kit manual for the trouble-shooting guide and do not do it yourself.
  • For emergency handling of any CNG leak, users must be aware of the location and operation of cylinder valve, master shut-off valve and burst disc in the CNG system. Study the system and ask your mechanic to identify these parts for you.
  • Workshop doing the kit fitment should be able to demonstrate these operations to your satisfaction. It is advisable to operate the vehicle occasionally on petrol to ensure that the petrol system remains in good working conditions.?

  • Do not install a LPG, Propane or any other cylinder in place of a CNG cylinder. It is illegal and unsafe.