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.Haryana City Gas Distribution (Bhiwadi) Limited| PNG - Piped Natural Gas | CNG - Compressed Natural gas
PNG price for domestic consumers is Rs. 47.90/SCM (all inclusive). CNG price is Rs. 80.40/KG (all inclusive)

.Haryana City Gas Distribution (Bhiwadi) Limited

.Haryana City Gas Distribution (Bhiwadi) Limited is registered under the companies Act 2013 and obtained exclusive authorization from Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB), the sole regulatory authority in India, for developing City Gas Distribution Network in the geographical area of Bhiwadi in the state of Rajasthan.

.Haryana City Gas Distribution (Bhiwadi) Limited is developing, operating, and expanding its City Gas Distribution (CGD) network under the wings of SKN Group which is already providing CNG & PNG in the geographical area of Gurugram, Haryana and will soon start its operation for city gas distribution in Puducherry.

Under the guidance of Mr. Satish Chopra – Managing Director & Chairman and Mr. Karan Chopra – CEO, the HCGDBL team is developing its city gas distribution network and supplying Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to the transport sector & Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to Domestic, Industrial & Commercial consumers in CGD Bhiwadi geographical area.

Our effort is to make .Haryana City Gas Distribution (Bhiwadi) Limited, recognized for the integrity of our people, the ethics of our business practices, and the quality of our services. We aim to supply/ provide clean and safe fuel (Natural Gas) for residential, commercial, and industrial use by reducing the high level of pollution and provide seamless after-sale service to our esteemed customers.

We are steadily adding new CGD infrastructure covering new areas to meet the demands of CNG & PNG in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The main objective of HCGDBL is to provide safe, convenient, reliable, and cleaner fuel (natural gas) to the residents and establishments of Bhiwadi, Rajasthan as well as to prevent pollution in the region.

Currently, HCGDBL is supplying gas to 125 industries, and work on connectivity for another 40 industries is in progress. HCGDBL is also operating one CNG station and two more CNG stations are under construction. We are continuously working towards fulfilling the requirement of the Industrial & commercial sector and domestic households by expanding the CGD network. Already operating over 200 km of pipeline network and is adding every day. Our company is in the process to develop 8 to 10 CNG filling stations in Bhiwadi under Phase-1.



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