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Terms & Conditions


The agreed terms and conditions between the .Haryana City Gas Distribution (Bhiwadi) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as supplier) and the applicant (hereinafter referred to as customer) for the supply of Piped natural gas (PNG) are stated below:

Definition :

  1. Supplier means .Haryana City Gas Distribution Bhiwadi Ltd.
  2. Customer means the applicant for a domestic piped natural gas (PNG) connection.
  3. PNGRB means Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board.
  4. Last mile connectivity (LMC) means equipments and installation used for providing PNG as defined in PNGRB Regulations Board.
  5. SCM means standard cubic meter of GAS means a quantity of GAS required to fill one cubic meter of space when the GAS is at an absolute pressure on seven hundred and sixty (760) millimeters of mercury and a temperature of fifteen (15) degree Celsius.

Supplier rights and obligations :

  • After receipt of duly completed registration form of together with the required interest free refundable security deposit, the supplier shall commence to take step to provide the PNG connection to the customer. The supplier shall make all efforts , as a prudent City Gas Distribution company to install the connection within reasonable time , not exceeding six months from the date of registration, subject to the availability of access to the customer's premises. In the event of any delay, due to Non- availability of requisite permission from land owning agencies of area/society the customer may exercise the option to ask for the refund of their security deposits. The supplier shall refund the interest free security deposits in the event of Non-feasibility of providing the PNG connection to the customer due to technical reasons, which the supplier may discover at the time of execution of the work of installation of the connection.
  • The supplier shall supply the gas at a pressure of 21 millibar to the customer and maintain the maximum flow rate of 0.75 SCM per hour.
  • The existing pipeline infrastructure being used by customers for LPG consumption to be used by .Haryana City Gas Distribution Bhiwadi Ltd. with NOC of RWA. All existing systems in place in the society with respect to above ground pipeline and equipment safety would prevail.
  • Meter reading shall be taken during the period commencing 10 days prior to the last date of respective billing cycle. Bi-monthly bill shall be raised on the customer on the basis of actual meter reading converted to Standard Cubic Meter (SCM) by applying correction factor. In case, in spite of best efforts the meter reading is not recorded due to any reason at customer 's end, a provisional bill of INR 250.00 to be raised and the difference in the amount if any will be adjusted in the next bill on the basis of actual meter reading obtained . In such case, if the customer desires the bill based on actual meter reading, he/ she may inform the current meter reading to the supplier within 5 days from the last date of respective billing cycle through email at or through letters containing the complete details including the meter number and the business partner number.
  • Each meter shall be treated as a separate PNG connection.
  • The modification of existing PNG installation may be carried out on request of the customer along with the payment of applicable charges (Non-Refundable) as prevailing at the time of receipt of such request. Acceptance of any for such request for modification is subject to conformity to relevant and technical and safety standards.
  • If the banking instrument issued by the customer gets dishonored for any reason, administrative charges of Rs. 300/- shall be levied and recovered from the customer in addition to interest, if any w ithout prejudice to the right of the supplier to initiate appropriate legal proceedings against the customer for the said dishonor.
  • The supplier shall not use customer information obtained for a purpose other than for which it was obtained. The supplier shall not disclose the customer's information to any person/ entity other than the petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB), central and state governments without the consent of customer in writing except for the following purposes :-
    • Billing or market operation.
    • Law enforcement.
    • When past due to accounts of the customer have been transferred to a debt Collection agency.
  • Supplier shall take all reasonable steps to ensure a regular and consistent supply of PNG to the customer. However, in the event of any interruption due to force majeure like natural calamities, war and other unforeseen events etc. beyond the control of supplier, the customer shall have no claim whatsoever, for the interruption of supply. However, the supplier as a prudent City Gas Distribution Company shall make all efforts to restore the PNG supply at the earliest.
  • The supplier shall inform the PNG customers through RWA/Managing Committee of the affected society/area/colony of any planned shut down for undertaking maintenance activity in their respective areas.

Customers ' Rights and Obligations:

  1. The domestic PNG customer needs to provide payment of INR 7500.00 in form of Cheque/ DD/ PO payable at par in Gurgaon/ New Delhi in favor of ".Haryana City Gas Distribution Bhiwadi Ltd'.' The above mentioned amount includes:
    • An interest free refundable security of INR 5000/-per domestic connection towards the Security of equipments and facilities defined in the PNGRB Regulations 2008 .
    • An interest free refundable security of INR 1000/- per domestic connection towards Gas Consumption Security Deposit.
    • A non-refundable payment of INR 300.00 per domestic connection towards application processing charges
  2. Customer needs to provide the following documents along with the application.
    • Id proof (Pan Card/Voter Id Card/ Driving License/ PassporUAadhar Card)
    • Address Proof (Electricity Bill/ Copy of sale Deed/Copy of Rent Agreement)
    • 1 Color Passport Size Photograph.
  3. The customer has to surrender or put under safe custody his/ her LPG connection within 60 days from the date of commissioning of Natural Gas.
  4. It Shall be the responsibility of customer to provide access to the route as decided by supplier for laying of pipeline inside the boundary wall of premises of his/ her residence. However in case of flats located in multi-storey housing societies, the customer shall arrange NOC, if required for laying pipeline through the common portion/areas/walls inside of each housing complex , from the person/society concerned . In the event of non-receipt of such clearance in a reasonable time frame, supplier shall cancel the registration and refund the security deposits.
  5. The customer undertakes to provide the supplier with the proof of requisite safety statutory clearances from the competent authority from the time of registration. The Customer is under obligation to provide the proof of ownership/ tenancy of premises to the satisfaction of supplier at the submission of registration form.
  6. The customer shall make the use of PNG supply for the registered premises only shall not re­ supply to any other person or property under any circumstances.
  7. All fittings and equipments as provided by the supplier for the purpose of supply of PNG shall remain the property of the supplier. The customer shall remain the custodian of such properties and shall ensure the safety of these equipments .
  8. The customer will not permit interference with PNG equipment and supply line by any person not authorized by SKN-HCGDPL Only the supplier authorized representative will have access to rectify any problem and maintain the equipment. Any unauthorized concealing I tempering I relocation of PNG installation is not permitted and shall be solely at the risk and cost of customer. In such cases , the supplier would forfeit the security deposit. The supplier reserves the right to discontinue PNG supply in case PNG equipments has been interfered with.
  9. The customer shall ensure access to the meter reader, authorized by SKN-HCGDPL for periodicals meter readings , maintenance checks.
  10. The customer will ensure the proper & timely payment of gas consumption bills, which shall also include the LMC charges, and I or network tariff as decided from time to time in accordance with PNGRB regulations 2008.Customer shall make full payment, against the bill raised by the supplier within 21 days from the date of billing. Any default in the payment of bill attracts a penal interest of 2% per month. Non receipt of PNG consumption bill shall not be sufficient ground for non payment of bills. In case customer has not received bi-monthly bill, he/she are under obligation to obtain a duplicate copy of same from the supplier.
  11. In case the customer fails to pay two consecutive bills, gas supply will be discontinued without any notice. The supply shall not be resumed by SKN-HCGDPL till clearance of all the outstanding bills with applicable interest. A minimum amount of Rs 1000/- shall be charged as re- connection charges to cover the expenses involved in disconnecting and reconnecting the supply.
  12. In case customer desires to surrender the PNG connection , the customer would be required to submit a written request along the original receipts of payment made towards the payment of Refundable Security Deposits. The Security Deposits would be released after deducting the final bill amount and other dues, if any, after taking the meter and/or other fittings in the safe custody of the supplier.
  13. Customer understands that rubber tube is a consumable component of PNG installation. Customer is under obligation to get it replaced annually with payment of applicable charges. Customer shall also ensure that if at any time during the usage I non- usage of PNG connection , any damage is detected in the rubber tube, PNG supply should be stopped immediately and a request for replacement of damaged rubber tube with applicable charges should be placed with the supplier. No request for compensation I adjustment in the PNG consumption bill on account of leakage of gas caused due to damage of rubber tube shall be entertained .


  1. Supplier reserves the right to reject any application for registration by intimating the basis for rejection of the application to the applicant.
  2. Prices of PNG are subject to change and supplier reserves the right to revise the prices at any time.
  3. The supplier reserves the right to revise LMC charges and network tariff for the last mile connectivity (LMC) at any time. Such charges and tariffs would be in accordance with the PNGRB regulations 2008.
  4. Supplier reserves the right to amend I modify any or all of the terms and conditions with intimation to the customer.
  5. The supplier reserves the right to supply PNG to other customers through the same pipeline at any point therein up to the meter outlet/isolation valve without affecting the customer 's PNG supply.
  6. Any dispute arising out of I in relation to this agreement shall be decided by the arbitrator who shall be the MD of SKN-HCGDPL or his I her nominee. Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 and any other modification thereof shall be applicable to the proceedings. Venue of arbitration shall be Gurgaon/ New Delhi only.
  7. Notwithstanding any other court (s) having jurisdiction to try these suits arising out of this agreement , not only court of Gurgaon/ New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to try such suits to the exclusive of all other courts in the country.
  8. 10 meter GI upto meter & regulator and 5 meter copper/ GI after meter and regulator is free . additional GI/ copper beyond 15 meter will be charged at the rate of Rs 351 per meter.