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About CNG

Compressed Natural Gas is a fossil fuel. It is eco-friendly and a cleaner fuel alternative to Petrol or Diesel. It is primarily made up of Methane and other trace hydrocarbons. It is used for both commercial and non–commercial vehicles. It is compressed to a pressure of 200-250kg/cm to enhance vehicle storage capacity. It gives better fuel economy and reduced vehicle noise as compared to Diesel vehicles.

It reaches the CNG station through gas pipeline. With the help of a compressor it is compressed to a higher pressure, transferred to fuel storage tanks and then dispensed from dispensers to the vehicle. The filling pressure in the vehicle is limited to 200 Barg.

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  • CNG is a convenient and environment friendly fuel.
  • CNG is clean and green fuel, reduces harmful emissions due to absence of lead and benzene.
  • CNG does not contaminate or dilute the crankcase oil.
  • Being a gaseous fuel mixes in air easily and evenly.
  • It is less likely to auto ignite on hot surface, if CNG concentrates in the air below 0% or above 15% it will not burn. Hence making accidental ignition or combustion very unlikely.
  • It has low operational cost. It is almost half the price of petrol or diesel.
  • It reduces carbon monoxide emission.
  • CNG kits can be installed in all four wheelers and most commercial vehicles. The basic component of CNG kits area are storage cylinder, high pressure tube pressure regulator, pressure gauge, change over switch, high pressure tube/fittings, refueling receptacle and air fuel mixer.

Precautions need to be taken:-

  • In case of any leakage in fuel system, vehicle should be kept sufficient away (more than 5 mtr) from any ignition source.
  • Always use a good quality CNG cylinder from an authorized manufacturer and get it hydro tested as per safety regulations.
  • The CNG kit installed in the vehicle should be insured along with vehicle accessories.
  • The pollution checks and a valid pollution certificate is mandatory even after converting the vehicle on CNG as per Govt guidelines.
Properties Unit Petrol Diesel LPG CNG
Relative density Water = 1 0.74 0.84 0.55
Relative density Air =1 1.285 0.64
Temperature Degree C 360 280 374 540
Flammability Range % in Air 1-8 0.6-5.5 2.2-9.0 5-15
Flame Temperature Degree C 2,030 1,780 1,983 1,900
Octane Number 87 93 127