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Mr. Satish Chopra

Founder & Chairman

Graduated from Sri Venkateshwara College (DU) and started his manufacturing business in 1977 under the brand name of SKN-Bentex. He is the Founder and Chairman of SKN Group of companies. He has been in the City gas distribution business for over 15 years, with his farsighted leadership and dynamic approach along with a professional team has expanded the SKN-HCGDPL network from Gurugram, Bhiwadi and now to Puducherry.

Satish Chopra - Director-SKN–HCGDPL

Mr. Karan Chopra

CEO & Director

Graduated in Chemical Engineering and Business Administration from Drexel University, USA. He joined the business in 2010 as CEO & Director, with a vision to develop and expand the infrastructure and network along with his expertise, an experienced team and successfully led them to achieve a new benchmark in SKN-HCGDPL project expansion in Gurugram, Bhiwadi and Puducherry.

Karan Chopra- Director-SKN–HCGDPL

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