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About Commercial PNG | HCG: Haryana City Gas

Commercial & Industrial

PNG’s widespread acceptability among industrial sectors over past some years over other conventional fuel is mostly due to on-tap availability, no storage and handling issue, ease of usage, no spillage or pilferage, free from adulteration, bare minimum maintenance requirement, 24 X 7 availability, increased life of equipment, clean to burn, higher burning efficiency, better product quality, accuracy of measurement & available on credit.

Considering its continuous availability and burning at constant temperature has made it the most acceptable fuel to Ceramics-Tile Manufacturing unit, Metal, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Crockery, Glass, Dyes & Chemical, Food Processing, Textile, Plastic, Piped Natural Gas in an industrial unit is used for varied applications such as Kiln, Furnace, Boiler, Spray Dryers, Ovens, Thermic Fluid Heaters, CPP/Turbines/Generators. Chilling Plants etc.

Industries have saved on cost and storage space by using PNG and in turn pollution levels have also gone down.

Benefits of Commercial and Industrial PNG::-

  • Maintenance Cost is low
  • Billing as per consumption - meter reading )
  • No Adulteration, spillage or pilferage.
  • Environment friendly
  • Safe Fuel
  • No storage at customer’s premises ensures high consumer safety
  • PNG being lighter than air, hence in case of leakage, it will dissipate rapidly and avoids spontaneous flammability.
  • Billing and Payments - PNG users pay the bills as per usage. There is absolutely no chance of any pilferage as it is supplied through pipeline unlike HSD and LDO, where there are good chances of spillage and pilferage.

Some of our esteemed clients

S.No Industry Name Industrial Area
S.No. Industry Name Industrial Area
1 Relaxo Footwears Ltd. Bhiwadi
2 Rajasthan Antibiotics Ltd. Bhiwadi
3 Polyplastics Decoratives pvt. Ltd. Kahrani
4 Deven Textile Industries Pvt. Ltd. Bhiwadi
5 Dr. Oetker India Pvt. Ltd. Kahrani
6 Unipatch Rubber Ltd. Bhiwadi
7 Aqualite Industries Pvt Ltd Kahrani
8 Alka Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Bhiwadi
9 SMR Chemicals Bhiwadi
10 Pulkit Energy Pvt. Ltd. Kahrani
11 M D Steels Pvt. Ltd. Bhiwadi
12 Saera Electric Auto Private Ltd. Bhiwadi
13 Jaquar & Co. Pvt. Ltd. Bhiwadi
14 Sakata Inx India Pvt. Ltd. Bhiwadi
15 Powerforge Eng. Pvt. Ltd. Chopanki
16 Ahlcon Parentals (India) Limited Bhiwadi
17 Asiatic Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Bhiwadi
18 Kusum Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Chopanki
19 Continental Conveyors Pvt. Ltd. Chopanki
20 Frontier Strips Pvt ltd Kahrani
21 Gemscab Industries Limited Bhiwadi
22 Shanti Drugs Pvt. Ltd. Bhiwadi
23 Anishka Steel Pvt. Ltd. Khushkhera
24 General Mercantile Industries Khushkhera
25 Vartika Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Khushkhera
26 S Kumar Leatherite (India) pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
27 Rampur Engineering Bhiwadi
28 Pilot Industries Ltd Kahrani
29 Shivom Industries pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
30 Singh Plasticisers & Resins (I) pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
31 Bal Krishna Indutries Limited Bhiwadi Bhiwadi
32 Bal Krishna Industries Limited Chopanki Chopanki
33 Ashiana Manufacturing India Ltd Kahrani
34 Ashiana Ispat Limited Bhiwadi
35 Kamdhenu Limited Bhiwadi
36 Elegance TMT pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
37 Gracure Pharmaceuticals ltd Bhiwadi
38 Medicamen Biotech Limited Bhiwadi
39 Tara Footwears private limited Bhiwadi
40 Bhiwadi Metal Rollwell pvt ltd Bhiwadi
41 Alwar Pigments Pvt. Ltd. (Unit-2) Bhiwadi
42 Alwar Pigments Pvt. Ltd. (Unit-1) Bhiwadi
44 NU Cork Products Pvt Ltd Unit-1 Bhiwadi
45 Paras Laminates Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
46 Roca Bathroom Fittings Pvt Ltd Chopanki
47 Hanon Climate System Bhiwadi
48 Aakar Iron Creation Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
49 Rathi Finvest Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
50 Voestalpine Bohler Welding India Kahrani
51 NU Cork Products Pvt Ltd Unit-2 Bhiwadi
52 Aakar Iron Creation Pvt Ltd U - III Bhiwadi
53 Arora Home Appliances Bhiwadi
54 G S Metal Industries Bhiwadi
55 Global Technocrats Pvt Ltd Chopanki
56 JMW India Pvt Ltd Chopanki
57 JSB Aluminium Pvt Ltd Chopanki
58 La Plastpacks Pvt Ltd Kahrani
59 P B V Techno Ceramics Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
60 Samde Aromatic Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
61 Shree Jagdamba Metals Bhiwadi
62 Tayal Tuff Pvt Ltd Kahrani
63 V V Enterprises Bhiwadi
64 Badri Vishal Steel Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
65 S Jain Khushkhera
66 Baddi Foils Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
67 Waves Aircon Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
68 Banwari Chemicals Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
69 Asiatic Electrical & Switchgear Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
70 Pannar Strips Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
71 Shree Prakash Prashad Re-Rolling Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
72 Amit Re-Rolling Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
73 Dharam Chand Ladha Mal Bhiwadi
74 G D Enterprises Bhiwadi
75 Shri Giriraj Steel pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
76 Meenakshi Strips Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
77 Divya Aanchal Re Rolling Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
78 Jaquar & Co. Pvt. Ltd. (UNIT-6) Bhiwadi
79 Bhiwadi Cylinders Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
80 B G Steels Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
81 Nirmal Enterprises Bhiwadi
82 Gopal Snacks Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
83 Paracoat Products Limited Pathredi
84 Caparo Engineering INDIA Limited Chopanki
85 Bholusaria Steel Bhiwadi
86 Wiretec Fluxes LLP Bhiwadi
87 Punjabi Flavourz Catering Service Bhiwadi
88 Manu Paper Coat Bhiwadi
89 Vishal Strips Pvt Limited Bhiwadi
90 Mundeja Packwell Pvt Ltd Khushkhera
91 Vistony India Pvt Ltd Khushkhera
92 Savour India Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
93 Titan Biotech Limited Chopanki
94 Shree Sudarshan Strips Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
95 Tansy Paints India Pvt Ltd Chopanki
96 Gracure Pharmaceuticals ltd (New) Bhiwadi
97 S Pal Enterprises Pvt Ltd Chopanki
98 Sriram Cables Pvt Ltd Chopanki
99 Poonam Strips Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
100 Anshul Strips Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
101 Erica Steels Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
102 Jyotika Strips Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
103 Mittal Metal Bhiwadi
104 ASP Enterises Pvt Ltd (Unit-1) Bhiwadi
105 ASP Enterises Pvt Ltd (Unit-2) Bhiwadi
106 Gold Star Bhiwadi
107 Northern Casting Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
108 D L Steels Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
109 Meher Polymers Bhiwadi
110 Mars Packaging Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
111 Active Toys Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
112 New Adarsh Re- Rolling Mills Chopanki
113 Shri Laxmi Vijay Strips Pvt ltd Bhiwadi
114 Nalco Ispat Limited Bhiwadi
115 Kesri Steels Limited Bhiwadi
116 Mars Packaging Pvt Ltd, Unit-2 Bhiwadi
117 KEI Industries Limited Pathredi
118 KEI Industries Limited Chopanki
119 Vaisho Wires Pvt Ltd Chopanki
120 Perma Engineering & Trading Co. Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
121 Vark Snack Food Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
122 Roohani Alloys Bhiwadi
123 Dadu Precision Fastners Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
124 Innovative Resins Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
125 SM Herbals Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
126 Bhagirath Steel Re-Rolling Bhiwadi
127 Tasha Exports Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
128 Mech Door Hardware Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
129 S-CCI India Private Limited Chopanki
130 Shri Balaji Ceramic Products Bhiwadi
131 Insecticides India Limited Chopanki
132 Dhera Metal Tech Pvt Ltd Khushkhera
133 Leading Metalloys LLP Khushkhera
134 Dalas Biotech Limited Bhiwadi
135 Mother Chem India Chopanki
136 Kopertek Metals Private Limited Kahrani
137 V K Metcast Pvt Ltd Chopanki
138 Titan Biotech Limited-2 Bhiwadi
139 Power Steel India Chopanki
140 Sunland Alloys India Bhiwadi
141 Safe Décor Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
142 Shree Balaji Chemical Bhiwadi
143 Bhawani Metalloy Bhiwadi
144 VRK Alumart Bhiwadi
145 Yadav Industries Khushkhera
146 Madhwa Bhiwadi
147 Shree Ram Piston Pathredi
148 JD Industries Bhiwadi
149 Safeart Decorative Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
150 Shri Balaji Ceramics Product (Unit-2) Bhiwadi
151 Associated Electrochemicals Chopanki
152 Lucky Plast Ltd. Bhiwadi
153 K.G. Enterprises Bhiwadi
154 Super Mica Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
155 Super Prime Leminates Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
156 Paper Dream Bhiwadi
157 Jay Fe Cylinder Kaharani
158 Varun Beverages Chopanki
159 Naman Enterprises Chopanki
160 Motherson Sumi System Ltd Khushkhera
161 Interact Auto Pvt Ltd Khushkhera
162 Bhagwati Products Limited Karoli
163 Crown Rubber Polymer Bhiwadi
164 Petropol India Limited Bhiwadi
165 United Breweries Ltd Chopanki
166 Rajshree Biowares Kaharani
167 R K Industries Chopanki
168 Shubahm Forgings Bhiwadi
169 Shree Hari Industries Khushkhera
170 Indo Dutch Carpet Manufacturing Pvt Ltd Khushkhera
171 Vaishnavi Aluminium Casting Khushkhera
172 Kissan Envirocare Khushkhera
173 Meta Core India Private Limited Khushkhera
174 Mehran Industries Bhiwadi
175 V L S Foods Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi
176 Ionic Chemicals Pvt Ltd Kaharani
177 HPM Chemical & Fertilezers Limited Khushkhera
178 Shree Cement Limited Khushkhera
179 Mahadev Enterprises Khushkhera
180 M R Panels Chopanki
181 Golden Sparrow Industries Khushkhera
182 Epack Durable Private Limited Salarpur
183 Mass Wire & Steels Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi